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A Post About Star Gender!

EDIT — [JUNE 17TH, 2014]

Some things need addressed here. I’m leaving up the original post because it’s the most well known but here’s some corrections and other comments I want to make.

  1. I was a sobbing emotional mess writing this. I also have dysphasia, meaning I mess up trying to explain things and I mix up words frequently. As such it is childishly represented. 
  2. I had a very limited knowledge of androgyny at the time. It has been addressed in both previous asks and this post. I apologize to anyone who I may have caused harm to due to my previous misunderstanding.
  3. Please read this post (“A More Articulated Post”) and stop reblogging this one. 
  4. I literally do not give two shits about if you think star gender isn’t real. That isn’t going to stop it from existing or from me or other people from identifying as such. Get a life and pet a nice animal or something if you’re considering sending me a message about star gender’s invalidity.


Uh I guess I have this mostly worked out so I should, explain it to the best of my ability!

Lately I’ve experiencing a new gender that isn’t male or female! I don’t believe it is agender, since it certainly is a gender! It’s like, very neutral on the “spectrum” of gender, but I don’t feel like it’s androgyny either. 

The reason I call it star gender is uh, because when I was mulling on it one day I somehow started thinking about alien/nonhuman genders and how it was really unknown to people currently, and I ended up reasoning maybe it was the same genders stars could experience? (sorry that sounds super silly uh) 

I don’t believe it’s androgyny because it??? doesn’t really feel like a middle between masculine and feminine?? like it seems??? Beyond That? Like it is potentially neutral but encompassing both masculine and feminine at the same time, if that makes any sense?

It makes me feel like a tiny universe myself and it makes me v happy and warm inside and maybe it is my core gender because I feel it rly strongly!

I’m not sure anyone else really experiences/experienced Star Gender or anything like it, but if you (the reader!) have had something like this, please tell me about it!!!

If you have any comments/concerns, please pm me as opposed to commenting on this post, thank you!!!!

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